Best NC Wholesale Seafood

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Due to Covid-19 and the unstable shipping times the virus has created along with our short staffing issues, we currently can not ship orders. Once things get back to normal we will resume our regular shipping procedures.

Fresh Catch Seafood offers the highest quality and freshest North Carolina seafood. From our Outer Banks location we currently ship our products all across the Eastern Seaboard. Our North Carolina wholesale seafood is packed in fifty pound or one hundred pound cartons and can be shipped via various local freight companies. We are best known for our pelagic species, our shrimp and also our seasonal finfish.

Pelagic Species:

  • albacore
  • mahi
  • shark (mako, smooth dogfish, thresher)
  • swordfish
  • blueline tilefish
  • bigeye tuna
  • yellowfin tuna
  • bluefin tuna


  • black sea bass
  • bluefish
  • catfish
  • croaker
  • flounder
  • king mackerel
  • red drum
  • atlantic striped bass (rockfish)
  • whiting (sea mullet, kingfish)
  • spanish mackerel

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The Fresh Catch Difference! As a family-owned business, Fresh Catch Seafood knows the importance of providing first rate customer service along with the best, freshest and safest products available anywhere. We would never send out a product we wouldn't offer to our own family. Getting it right the first time, EVERY time, is the Fresh Catch Seafood difference.

Have Questions About Wholesale? We Have Answers!

Q. What area does Fresh Catch Seafood service?

A. Fresh Catch services the Eastern Seaboard (Boston to Florida). We use freight companies to truck product up and down the east coast. Depending on freight routes and location, it is possible to service heavily populated areas on the continental US.

Q. How do I place a wholesale order?

A. Please email us at to request a new wholesale customer form. Once forms are complete, an order can be placed via phone or email.

Q. Do you have minimum wholesale order?

A. Our price breaks are determined by the individual product and weight of product purchased.

Q. What payments do you accept for wholesale orders?

A. Cash, credit card and checks (checks with credit references)

Q. How do I know my seafood is safe?

A. Fresh Catch Seafood follows strict FDA and HACCP guidelines for the handling, storage and transportation of all seafood products. All orders leaving our packing and shipping facility are packed for refrigerated delivery.

Q. How often do your prices change?

A. Seafood prices will always be subject to change. Being such a highly coveted and perishable product, fresh seafood is subject to regular price fluctuations. We do everything possible within our control to minimize price changes however the reasons may include such things as fuel costs, weather delays, natural disasters, government regulations, and seasonal changes in supply and demand to name just a few.

Q. Is Mercury a concern?

A. Mercury is a metal that is both naturally occurring in nature and a by-product of the burning of fossil fuels. Mercury is a contaminant and poses a health risk to humans when ingested in sufficient quantities. Most fish and shellfish contain trace amounts of mercury, although the amount varies from species to species. Mercury collects in the fatty tissues of living organisms and the amounts vary depending on the creature’s diet, lifespan, and habitat. Long lived top predators like shark and swordfish will absorb more mercury than shrimp and sardines. Although it is a good idea to limit the consumption of some of the more ‘at risk’ species, there has never been a single published clinical diagnosis linking the health effects of mercury to the consumption of seafood in the United States.

Q. What if I’m dissatisfied with my order?

A. All of our product is guaranteed fresh and of the highest quality. Please inspect your order upon delivery before accepting it. If you do accept the order you may not return it to our location as this violates FDA regulations.